Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bio 48

Being into a state of self consciousness is a duty I guess, not very easy at the beginning but it turns out to be OK after a while when u get used to it!
Well let's see how I do on this, hopeful I am...

Time passed by since the line above, almost 6 hours now...
Once in a while there is a hope spurt comes and flows up and down and takes you to the magic of the moment. just right now! It is really magical when you are conscious! I gotta try this shit and see how it works, a real vigilance gotta make me aware and awake I guess,
well let's see how I go on, hopeful I am as always...

OK, it's tomorrow morning, wake up. weather is beautiful and the birds are mating. Life is flowing and everything is bright light. So-called "Just do it". A bientot!

Same day. Sometimes I feel like it's redundant, a support that is not appreciated. a support that is not asked for. a support that is playing the role of a response to expectations. Only sometimes you feel the support is really provided and you provide it and you are appreciated and you are damn right how hard it is to be not felt as you wish you would. Support should not be provided when it is not asked for, and who knows when the right time is to show it! When I feel for you, when I am for you, it does not mean I am forced to do it or it is my duty to be there for you. It is a tendency that comes from the heart to feel and to be there, so do not ever mistaken it with expected behavior, as it has never been and never will be an attitude of obligation. No support and kindness is obligation, all is a unique way of showing compassion and it's best for everyone to keep this in mind and be thankful, always.
well well well, it's about midnight, a night like other nights, that's what I felt a few minutes ago that was worth writing down. So long till then.

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