Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bio 49

Thinking about the families who do not have faith and honesty, scares me sometimes. can't get too deep in the thought, as it's one of those shitty craps that gets irritating after a while. You know what some times there is just a little string of thought that might spurt in the mind for only the reason that you let it exist, that you define it. if you don't define something then it just simply does not exist. you know when you see a movie with a new idea, it becomes an existence in your mind, and it becomes a definition that were not out there before. you never even thought about it before. Now you say so you exist. yes and a lot of things exist and we all never know about them and never be thinking about them. the good things and the bad things, does not matter. It all exist, it's my choice to pick what I want to see and what I want to think about. It's amazing how life treats people and me! alright, I'll come back later. it's becoming a continuous memo here ...

Doubts are always there, says the guy in the mirror. But who is it to follow them, if you do follow the doubts, that becomes your characteristic, it creates you and carves your personality. Doubts are there, but who pays attention to them, get stuck into them. Do not worry as the path is so bright and clear that you will be rewarded for the honesty. Choose and follow. That's it for now!

You know this is a new way of just writing what is going on in here and there. That's it, I like it and I may want to continue writing it for a while. Who cares, writing is important, isn't it? 

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