Thursday, November 17, 2016


On a cold Monday night on October 14, 2016 at approximately 1:48 am, a police officer is notified of a stopped vehicle on highway 21 near Deer Dr. close to Fallsville. The vehicle has a flat tire and driver thinks he has struck a guardrail too. Officer notices the left front tire to be blown and shredded and other damages to the other side of the car on the passenger side, maybe caused by guardrail. There is no guardrails in that area though. 

Officer asks the driver what happened and he says he stops the car when he realize the tire goes flat. Officer asks him if he struck anything on the road; he says no. When he is asked about the right side damage, he says he must have hit something but he doesn't know! The driver then says that he and his wife had taken their daughter home to Boxley and were heading back north to Kingston. The officer tells him that he is heading south on highway 21 just south of Kingston, but he could not explain why he was on the other side of the road driving away from their home; he didn't even remember turning around at any point! Their car was then towed to their residence by a towing company who knew their family. The tow guy tells the officer that their daughter had died several years ago. 

What's your first impression on this, I mean the very first impression? I'd like to know that. Is it confusing? funny? scary? sad? or what? all work but the first impression is only one of them.