Thursday, October 29, 2009


I feel like I'm in a relationship with solitude. it means that I'm single but not looking. well, that's a requirement of being a grad student in Missouri S&T. at least it sounds so for me!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


wooo is not just an expression of enjoy, it's also want to say somebody's surprised! lemme say something, you know how many cultures are there in India? how many religions, how many traditions .. how many Gods, how many people .., I remember once I was reading about Buddha and Buddhism and that was the point I ralaly got interested in Indian religions and beliefs .. found the Vishnu, Shiva and all those interesting stuff, however you may not be that much interested in all those but I AM.
Yesterday on Oct. 25 we went on a very old tradition called Diwali Festival performed by Indian Association in Missouri S&T. fantastic it was. I have always been waiting for such an occasion in which I could attend in these kinda events, there were all colors, great colors all those ones I'm in love from the very old times. Red, Orange, yellow and their combinations. I can't describe the event, it's just the way you should see yourself. different kinda dances, woooo great really enjoying performs .. I don't remember the dances but it was so coool all those symbols gestured by the faces and finger shapes and postures, wow I loved it ...

that was awesome...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


من، اینجا نیستم. اولش نمی تونستم کاری کنم که بعد از من مکث کنی اما این کار و کردم. این چیز "،" بهترین چیزیه که میتونه گاهی اوقات آدما رو نجات بده.
مهم نیست اینجا فارسی بنویسی یا هر زبان مرده ی دیگه ای که دوس داری یا دوست نداری در هر صورت باید بتونی بدون اون چیز هم کاری کنی که بقیه بتونن بعد از تو لحظه ای مکث کنن. لپ مطلب همین بود.
من، اینجا هستم امشب

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


well, it's me writing as fast as I can cas I feel writing at this time. I need to put these on paper but there's no paper right now. I just felt something deep inside, better than before, I've never felt this feeling before. wow, I don't know what kinda feeling it is. plz somebody tell me if I'm wrong or what the hell is this. being far away from heaven into this heaven made me some typa different. indifferent sometime, made me obsolete made me sick, made me a guy who has lost something inside, regularly found that he needs to look after it. I mean something that should be here within but it's lost somewhere. sorry for being not so much clear. I know what I know, and that's the reason to write this way!
to be frank. I feel cool but I need my lost segment to be back on its place. well here's the point. what is that part of me which's lost now?! will be helped soon. contemplating was one my favorites that 's only turned into a very fade line in mind. through that I will find the part again. I will i promise. keep in touch psyche. get the ego to very far. follow me in the peaceful nebula...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Piss on town

Somebody tell me why it's this much raining. sounds the sky is totally a piss. I can't go I can't come. this damn adviser is pissing on me too. God you don't please.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I feel really tired. what the hell's happening here?!! i got my salary, wooo it's a lot of money dude, but that's not the point. when you just subtract the bills and univ tuition and so on you come to a point that only a few money's remained for you to live with!!! shittt. it couldn't be worst. so I'm going to live in a cool town, with cool friends, cool house, cool weather. with no money in pocket. damn it.
reminds me of the great song "I will survive".