Friday, September 4, 2015

Bad Luck Chain 3

Just left the post office. Completely unconsciously muted. Mouth-cuffed, felt a pity for the system and myself that can do nothing but bear the situation. Said OK and left..
This country can be so cruel, or maybe it is better to say it is cruel as it is based on Money. Money does everything in here. It buys you and kills you. There are rules for the tiniest things you may do in here but if the rule is not followed by the rule making system, there is shit you can eat and not much you can do.
Sometimes, I think that if there was something I could do, I wouldn't need to be upset, but it kills me when there is unfairness and nothing supports me. The system is flawed somehow. It drives me crazy and is very slowly changing me to a stone-hearted person just like themselves, nice and kind on the surface but indifferent in depth. I am really coming to this understanding that no one here cares about anything but money. There is a reason so many movies, musics, etc. are about this damned thing which drives this whole country.
So I just left the post office, screwing the system in my mind and promising myself to not ever be kind to any governmental system.