Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vomit 16

There it is again, the mockery of life for the person who thought everything can be controlled, and every person can be somehow handled justly. No politics, no bulls, no hypocrisy, no madness.
I really miss my days, when I could just simply laugh, when I think about those days, I feel like "yesterday, love was such an easy game to play." I feel stuck in the boredom of routines again which is not the type of person I am or want to be ever. I detested such conditions all my life. I felt I could reach that but I realized that life is just a little more about realities than fiction. Grow more, earn more, buy more, aggregate more, need more, want more, and pile up all your rental needs. Possessions, that's what concerns me. Responsibilities are just not an easy thing to handle. Cooperation is required. I feel alone with people who what they must do and tag it as cooperation. I do not think cooperation is task-oriented; cooperation is more about doing what you are not required to do but is better to do to achieve a better result. Self-indulgence, is an attraction for the people who have the potential to let themselves go for their needy ambitions. There is no halt for that, and I don't see a joy in it either. It is filled with hypocrisy, with showiness and phoniness.
Fake people surround you with their superficial dazzling  complexions and yet you don't know how empty their hearts are. I am fed-up with this.
Only if I could, I would probably go, and go to the very end of the world, where I could just close my eyes and rest for a little bit before the day I die. I never intended to nag in this post but I just couldn't control my fingers typing the faces of regrets. This was a vomit indeed. I am never short of words but I hate a recurrence of the same concept exhibiting itself in different faces. Even this note is fake, full of hypocrisy. write it down, empty yourself and go back to your life where you can never be thankful for what you have. and you keep needing more, and wanting more until your time is up before you are ever satisfied.
That is it, mockery of life