Friday, April 23, 2010


Wellcome back!
this is just an interim report. lol, I just wanted to say that I'm fine, everybody's fine, life's still going on and who's on the wave, well is surfing well. I'm also learning how to surf good, still an amateur but trying my best. okay here's what's going on, hot or not?
fishing was awesome last week at Meramec river. trouts said Hi to the readers of this blog, by the way they're gone god bless them all and have merci on us since they're part of our delicious life :D
good, well then party was cool, hacing a lot of fun at the basement of a house located near a very beautiful lake surrounded by all those green fields and woods,.. what do you think? in fact for the boy of nature that was fantastic. it was so serene making me day dreaming. I was actually doing it. lol, kidding, don't get me wrong.
projects, homeworks, researches n all still going on, yeah they're part of it for sure. some time stings but it's okay, I get along with it. that's waht i know how to do.
don't wanna make a report for the Bio, so that's fair enough for now! c ya later aligator