Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Void

It has been a long time since the void has been gone. I had treated it with the debris of patience and tolerance; although the role of the little artificial friends should not be forgotten in any case, I started thinking and recalling memories into my conscious being and then I remembered a day when the work was so hectic I never realized when it had ended. I cam home with the idea of doing nothing but watching a movie or two. Then I had some salad as supper and finished the first movie I had started two days ago, The bridge over the river kwai. I am not a person who likes to watch old movies; in fact I don't easily go toward them. I guess the IMDB ratings of those movies are biased and most of the time I don't find them as appealing. But then I have this obsession that I must see the movie that is made of a book I have read. I liked the book, it was one of those that once gets your attention never let go and it ends drastically unexpected. That's what made it even more interesting. Anyhow, I watched the movie and I didn't like it much compared to the book. I know it is believed that books are always better than the movies and the first release of a series of movies are always better than the follow ups. The only one very nice thing about the movie was that I finally accidentally got to know the name of the famous melody I hear many times is Colonel Bogey..
So I thought I'd rather watch the other one in my list waiting to be seen: The Lover. I had listened to the audio version of the book written by Marguerite Duras translated into Persian. I liked the book but then it had a something hidden in it that i could never understand. The indifference in the attitude of the girl, a concealed sadness. I am so unable to describe what I felt in this character but it felt too familiar to me. There I sat and watched the movie to the very end of it. Loved the movie and I could only barely feel the familiarity of the atmosphere but even that little hazy sense was so grasping that completely change my mood! It's a relief to know the sense was just barely touched and not desiring to dig into the pile of the unconsciousness and leave me deserted in misery.
The void was there again when I started listening to the powerful soundtrack of the movie several times, and then again and again but the void wouldn't fill up! No kind of debris would work now! So there is the smoke and there is listening to the music again and again until I start writing it down and finish patching the void right now.

P.S. Not Spoiler: Soundtrack of the The bridge over river kwai: Colonel Bogey
PP.S. Not Spoiler: Soundtrack of the the L'Amant (The lover)
PPP.S. Spoiler (Movie Ending): Soundtrack of the L'Amant (The lover)
PPPP.S. I like this note.
PPPPP.S. Source of the photo

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bio 70

Then right after the turbulent curves of the white waters came another twist and then there was a shallow stretch of water, rumbling forward stirring the pebbles and the lime, moving ahead like a wild bull. He bore the whole roughness and endured through the harsh phase, strongly paddling and balancing the canoe until finally the water rested and it is still at calm. The depth is so much you barely can see it moving forward. Life is in a steady state now. It still goes on but you don't notice, though it takes a little more effort on such phases to move forward, with the prevalent depth of this part, rolling over is not an option. Swimming is enjoyable I guess, you might wanna give it a try while the boat remains at reach. You may not see it moving forward but it actually does. You may swim, or row ahead but do not forget ever that this is only another phase. There will be turmoils ahead. Keep calm and be at peace!