Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bio 70

Then right after the turbulent curves of the white waters came another twist and then there was a shallow stretch of water, rumbling forward stirring the pebbles and the lime, moving ahead like a wild bull. He bore the whole roughness and endured through the harsh phase, strongly paddling and balancing the canoe until finally the water rested and it is still at calm. The depth is so much you barely can see it moving forward. Life is in a steady state now. It still goes on but you don't notice, though it takes a little more effort on such phases to move forward, with the prevalent depth of this part, rolling over is not an option. Swimming is enjoyable I guess, you might wanna give it a try while the boat remains at reach. You may not see it moving forward but it actually does. You may swim, or row ahead but do not forget ever that this is only another phase. There will be turmoils ahead. Keep calm and be at peace!
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