Friday, December 5, 2014

Bio 68

What's the point anyway? I understand that we have our ups and downs sometimes. It is just a natural life of a creature named human being. Imagine everything was so nice and cool and that you never would have to go through a tough time. Wouldn't that be boring? I mean really, Imagine you never had to go through a little challenge, sit at home and have no worries at all, nothing to solve and nothing to think about. That would have been certainly the most boring life that is very much likely to finally end up in depression. I understand that each one of us wish for a nice and cool life with no problem or anything, wish we could just lay down and have fun. But I am very sure that I will enroll in a gradual decaying death in such condition. I am not a person of having no trouble either physical or mental I guess. I should be involved in something somehow to prevent myself from delving into thought stagnation, not that it is bad, no a thought that is not moving everywhere is indeed rising from the best mind that can calm itself down. That's what is referred to meditation and all, what i am saying is the well known phrase of "the devil finds work for the idle mind" and that's where you approach the phase of depression in life. So, long story short, I want to say that sometimes we even need to be thankful for all the troubles we have in life, for all the problems we have to deal with, so we can test ourselves and improve our skills and help each other and all the rest of such things people say like philanthropic activities and so on and so forth.
There is also, another side of it which i am not going to talk about, and that is to imagine a life full of trouble and issues and challenges and so on where you can't find a time for yourself to relax. I guess most of us believe we fall in this category which is a hundred percent a result of our own perceptions and the tendency we all have to see ourselves putting on the worst shoes in the world. This is out of the context at this point. I wish people could only see what they want and could find what makes them happy rather than what they do not have, do not want, and what makes them unhappy!!