Wednesday, October 14, 2009


well, it's me writing as fast as I can cas I feel writing at this time. I need to put these on paper but there's no paper right now. I just felt something deep inside, better than before, I've never felt this feeling before. wow, I don't know what kinda feeling it is. plz somebody tell me if I'm wrong or what the hell is this. being far away from heaven into this heaven made me some typa different. indifferent sometime, made me obsolete made me sick, made me a guy who has lost something inside, regularly found that he needs to look after it. I mean something that should be here within but it's lost somewhere. sorry for being not so much clear. I know what I know, and that's the reason to write this way!
to be frank. I feel cool but I need my lost segment to be back on its place. well here's the point. what is that part of me which's lost now?! will be helped soon. contemplating was one my favorites that 's only turned into a very fade line in mind. through that I will find the part again. I will i promise. keep in touch psyche. get the ego to very far. follow me in the peaceful nebula...
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