Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Second floor for me, [smile], the old man said. You gonna stay in the third floor to study?, he continued. -Yeah [smile]. - I try the second floor first but it's usually so packed that I can't find a place to sit, then I switch to the third. - you goin to sit with the computer machines?, I said. - No I just need a place to sit, read and write, the old guy said. [elevator's door opened], second floor it is, have a good one. - you too sir..
and it's been one hour since then and I am still thinking of the one sentence he said "I just need a place to sit, read and write", obsessive it was in a way. kinda took me back to my teenage years when I wished to have a mansion in which there is a secret library with the book shelves all around the room, one small window to the backyard, a desk in the middle of the room, and three hanging lights right on top of the desk. at first I wanted to have only one chair, then I decided two would be better who knows I may want a company some time in my secret library!
Hey old man, you are so cool and I truly wish you a good one.
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