Friday, January 14, 2011

Woolen mate

So we just decided to do it cost-effectively. I mean to live like that. After the recent discovery of the utility bill that was just posing its ginormous (gigantic-enormous) number that I could not figure out how many digits are there, we, me n my roommate came to this agreement that basically, life would be so much more beautiful if we put on some more clothes and turn the very charming gauge down to some lower temp. And yeah, here we are. life's more tempting with less temp. see it's a way to play with temperature. I mean the previous sentence..
any way, here is a picture of my foot enjoying its new woolen mate during the rest of this icy cold season! make a wish right away.

And oh, something else, I was actually going to write about my last surgery and the old-born laboratory, but all of a sudden I looked at myself and saw the gentleness of my feet and wrote about them. take it easy any way
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