Thursday, January 24, 2013

Skewed normalization

Normalizing is what we do every day, isn't it? There are gorges and  crests in our daily life but we can't stay in any of them for long. It's just not very simple to stay there, so what you do is take a shower. Take a walk. talk to a friend and so forth. That's called normalizing. You would naturally prefer to stay around the median mood of your whole life so that's why you normalize things. You can's eat much, when you eat much then you won't eat for long to normalize. When you sleep much then you say I won't sleep tonight to normalize. I mean most of them it's so alike. Anyway, whatever you do much or less, you tend to compensate for it and bring it up or down toward the median, where you spend most of your life hanging in there.
Well, the point is where the median line is, on a global coordinate, is it much close to the crest, or is it down into the valley? How does your biorhythm work? takes you up most of the time or let you down? I know people would like to hang around their median line but where is that blurry line located is the question. Would I like to draw it up a little, as it naturally tends to creep down, at least for the people who were born in my geography! Let's pull it up a little, hah? It takes time and effort, but let's give it a try at least. Let's do a skewed normalization.
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