Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Road Trip, Days 6 & 7

I am going to write this only because I have to finish the story, but I don't feel so okay to write a fun trip at the moment. Well it might work as an excuse for me to cheer me up a little bit to feel a better Sunday evening...
Here we go, good morning world, we are going to visit the Kasha-Katwe Tent National Monument, the very lovely place that no one had in our whole trip had heard of it before even Eduardo who had a lot of experiences with the tourism stuff. Well straight ahead to the north, I-25 .. Oh gosh I just remembered the gas station we paused to get some gas, and the people around us all Mexican dark skin with long hairs, with tattoos and stretched eyes, wooo maybe good people, but we have only heard of their name in drug movies and you know the action hero kinda movies say Machete!! "we put put our tails on our shoulders and say run" that was a Farsi colloquial translation though. we got close to the point, there were volcanic formations, and the uprising  small tent-like mountains under and between which, we could walk alongside their walls, sometimes narrow and sometimes wide open. W had the trail ascending the hills and asking people to take a four-person picture of us. a very nice and absolutely must-see place in US. I personally prescribe it to the people who believe nature is there to be loved. Here is some pictures of the monument.
The cactus were so close, and all the desert roses were saying hi right into your eyes, a super new experience for me. We went up the hill and had some break and found some more rocks to sit on and let the feelings refresh. this trail was a one-way trail to the tip of a cliff where you could stand for hours and let the swift furious wind smoke you.. That was the time when the teeth started to yell out loud, I Love this place. Although, they were Hassan's teeth and made life miserable for him the whole day afterward, but he was still alive and enjoying he view!
On our way back to the parking we took another way out and saw this cave that we could not unfortunately climb up to it, either because we were tired or it was challenging. But we made it to the parking and had a "full stomach" of food and beverages! no water! only MtnDew! lol.
on the way back toward Texas, just a few miles away from the Tent Rocks, we visited this beautiful lake were we let our feet into the cold cold water for some minutes and chilled our hot "hot" bodies and the rest of the trip.

I am going to make it short for the next stops till the end of the trip, so the next stop was at a gift shop where we saw this huge taxidermy of a child bear imported from Alaska, where we bought some souvenirs for the pals in Rolla, where I bought a sombrero, a Mexican baja, a knife, and a couple other things... next was hotel in Amarillo, TX. where a shower gave me a new look, lol. and tomorrow, all lazy boys, get up it's almost over, we're going to finish it fabulously! We purposely sidetracked ourselves with the Oklahoma City downtown to see how this one looks! and past it, we stopped by a lake close to highway, where I saw a wild goose sitting on her eggs waiting for the chicks to hatch ... Oh goodness, Nima was teasing me: why don't you take a picture for national geographic. You know the whole trip I was taking pictures for the Google Earth and I was getting on their nerve by saying it, now it was time for the National Geographic, well I took pictures of her and her mate too. Then the Grand Lake in Oklahoma, caught our attention and we spent the last evening in there, watched the gorgeous sunset in the lake behind the dam, and had some "ajil" together, and took our way back home. I-44 again, eastbound again, but this time from the bottom of Rolla, MO.

P.S. special thanks to my friends Hassan, Amin, Nima for being so great during this journey. It was so awesome... and by the way I guess I feel better now. I gotta read this I feel down! ;
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