Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break Road Trip, Day 3

You know what? for a lazy ass boy like me, such a trip was a necessity to feel how early birds feel. So we had the plan scheduled in a way that required everyone to wake up at 4 am for the first two days. I said last night was such a nightmare for a sleep-lover like me!! Well, that doesn't mean I'm the same person when it comes to traveling and nature fun.
wake uuuuup everyone, it's 4 am, here in the highlands of Colorado, two pine tree on the sides of our tent were amazed by our swift movements and soft packaging! One of trees told me come back again when I was hugging it goodbye! First night with a not-so-bad sleep, all four in the tent, except Nima who was feeling cold after midnight moving out to the car!! And that's because I got both the reinforcements (lol), sleeping bag "along with the hiking mat underneath myself :D and the poor boy just had blankets! it's all experience you know, who's more experienced gets warmer hahahh!
We set off around 5 am, while the steering wheel kissing Hassan's hands, I sat in front seat and wow, the same superb sunrise in the mountainous regions of north CO. Driving I-70 westbound was one of the sweetest drives I had in the US, all amazing and beautiful, uprising mountains on the sides of the highway, while once in while the fiery red colored sun twinkled in the right side mirror and you're fascinated by the beauty of this scenery...
Again, the other two still dreaming of their sweet hearts I guess! well our next check mark was supposed to be Arches National park but here's what happened, I got tired  of looking out the window and thought let's wonder in the Google map using my new phone hahah! and yesss, Colorado National Monument popped up a few miles ahead of us. Doing a little image search on the subject I was convinced to divert our path a little bit to visit this awesome place. Here's grand Junction and then we are close to Fruita, take the exit Hassan, and hey watch for the brown signs, which became a funny quote from Amin saying let's visit all the brown signs beside the road. I must say that yesterday while we were heading toward Rocky mountains, all of a suddent Mister Amin  said, we're going to the arches, right? we burst into laughter, dude, really? well he joined the group the last few days before take off, and he was not aware of the plan, knowing one word about the trip: "arches" and kept saying it for the next two days till we reached the Canyon. Okay were was I!! oh yeah, CO National Monument. here's a video of the entrance road we captured to the top of the canyon where you could see the handsome stone-men with a french cap on top of their head! wow! marvelous, isn't it??

 we reached the top, stop at a few points to have some rest, find some hanging rock to take a break, take some pictures of the great first-time-to-my-eyes scenery... and yet the story hasn't started yet...
So we hit the road again with the yellow diamonds in the light, well of course, music is one big important part of the trip which took like about 5 hours of the planning time! get going buddy, have fun in the road, breathe the air, enjoy the views as it's going to have less mountains, and more deserts, vegetation change was clear and don't forget to fill the gas tank. As Amin had his great saying over there, there will be no gas in Arizona, maybe every hundred miles you'll find a gas station! well he watches a lot of western movies it seems. but we picked the phrase and made a lot of fun with it in the trip, every here and there we used to say, hey driver get some gas, there will be no gas in Arizona lol!!
2 hours behind schedule because of the sweet monument of Colorado, Hassan knew how to drive to compensate for it, hahh! where are the policemen?! He agreed to take charge for the speeding ticket in case he got busted, so hey guys in the back seat would you gimme a cup of water please, chilling and chewing and other things, we opened our way to Utah, getting closer to the Arches National Park, what eyes see is the desert with a few big sandy bumps on the vast ground! Weather was awesome but missing a little humidity, noses were like national monuments at that moment and if you liked you could scrape a lot of rocks out of the walls! aaahh gross! lol! Got to the Arches National Park. We had three locations to visit in here: Delicate Arch, Balanced Rocks, and the Landscape Arch, so you know these friends of mine were so much interested to check in their Facebook to the world know where they are. Therefore, we had one good man take this picture for us
and now every one knows we're in the real wild west, if you look closely, you probably can see the cowboys running after the horses in the background of our photo. Well so, that was just a check point, here is the next one. Let me introduce you to the Balanced Rock.
Did you notice how tiny the rock is compared to me and Hassan raising our hands... well now compare that with this picture
Which was taken at the Bear Lake entrance. Nothing's similar...but we're the same cool guys. Looking at the map, and the sixth sense, we headed toward the Delicate Arch. One miss calculation: there is a trail for the symbol of Utah about 1.5 miles away from the parking lot. Alright alright let's do it guys, walk and walk in the desert trail and watch the surrounding area of sand, rocks, and desert shrubs, find your way to the sweet delicate arch of the times. Beautiful vista here and there, special thanks to the nature God for creating these landscapes. I felt like an antelope jumping on the rocks and visiting the sand tones, Amin and Nima went ahead and Hassan taking my pictures posing like a kid here and there... very close to the delicate darling, there was an opening in the rocks where you could have the Arch in your view from the same level of its top. let me not explain it in words and post its picture right here...
Isn't it gorgeous? showing off on the top of this hill right in the middle of nowhere. And the wind, which filled out hair with the desert sand, a very strong wind that could take the children to the Oz. This landscape was lifting them up and letting me embrace the awe of this unique place. so we had some fun with the wind over there, and took another picture and headed back to the parking lot.
We had to skip the Landscape Arch because of the time limitations to get to Arizona... I was really tired after all the jumping and running after the flying sands, so I jumped into the back seat and straight to the heavenly nap... Nima the keen driver of all, drove us to the Grand Canyon Village and that was the time I woke up!! it tuns out that we also skipped the National Park entrance fee because it was past midnight and the guy in charge was the guy in bed. So the dear GPS took us to some lovely little quarter of the village where every car was parked next to a house and every couple were letting their love have a great night. Hmm! we tried to use the coordinate points to get there and yet the geographical system's got some bugs in it, and it becomes a challenge for four exhausted cool guy to follow the street signs to get to the Mather campground in Grand Canyon Village. Finally, I can see you crystal clear my camp site, but you know weather is cold at night and what we did was to comfortably sleep in the car as no one was so sober to set the tent up to get inside. covered with the reinforcements we had a very relaxing sleep that night.. I won't tell you what the huge ravens did with our tea bags tomorrow morning when we woke up to find the vital requirements everyone needs in the morning... that was how the second day came to an end with a glorious memory spot in our minds.
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