Wednesday, February 10, 2010

warm chill

Well, here you are again, can you smell of the tenderness of this cold breeze? it's just a spring of all the thoughts that pops up all in a sudden.
okay, have another draw of that pleasant smoke and go far behind the scenes where you could feel the sharp cold wind running through your hood and hear the crows cawing ..., walking alone on an ending trail of icy way to the place we used to live for a while and get warm enough to get along...
here's another point to remember,
smell the cold breeze, get under the blanket and smell the thatch, smell it, inhale the hay smell into your lungs and find it relieving. just close it. get under the warm blanket, and feel it when you get warm enough to get along...
smell it and remember the time you can't stand for igniting the light, the fire place was empty and you n your only friend was sitting there thinking of a new life of a world to be changed of a place to be warm and yet it was so far for the fireplace to go ...
remember it and feel it that you got along to come to a point when you get warm remembering them.

and the sky breaks at dawn
shedding light upon this town
they'll all come around
'cause the man of the hour
is taking his final bow
good-bye for now
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