Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's all coming back to me

Cap in your hand, sitting on the shade of a palm tree thinking of a sail over the waves on Persian gulf, here's he. look aside from the lenses to the awaiting boats...
cap on your head, yes, laugh out load caz it's yours, this moment of sail.
Now, walk on the sands with your bare foots, it's pleasing I know. smile now, you grew them young, you grew yourself old, smell the sweet in your hands and have your cap back to your hand.
life's sometimes beautiful. but she's has got something in her eyes, in her looks that seems so familiar. it looks like life's really only sometimes beautiful.. oh it's extremely familiar. here's she. oh your getting older, and us, getting closer, I know it's life. don't take me wrong but this look in your eyes, pinches me to something very familiar inside. here you are my intimate.
How much I enjoyed you two sitting beside each other, hands on shoulders. how much I enjoyed wished u k
now! how much I love you wished u know ...
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