Saturday, February 27, 2010


- there are somethings that cannot be changed,
- yeah I know that,
- see, why don't you just concentrate on those which you have some effect on,
- like?
- look at these streams flowing here and there, they are just windy nonsense, let them pass. let them go. they are not your kind. yours are those thick rivers somewhere deep, somewhere shallow, ...
- so what?
- let me finish please, focus on those shallow zones which you can change them, zoom into those sections that are streight, you can make 'em curved, make those inappropriate curves streight. make them work for you. change them. see, those tiny streams are always flowing. flys are always flying. they are like parasites of the river. but it works independently. rivers are great you know that, don't ya? good then, praise what you have and don't pay attention to trivials.
- well, okay,
- I know this is that kinda okay you always seem to say, but give it a try. I'll help you, count on me.
- fine, lemme just go for now I'll talk to you later. soon, very soon
- have a good night
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