Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bio 64

"People who are in love have chemical similarities with people with OCD"
This is what ignited my interest in writing another post on the very peculiarities of the world on how scientists defy the thought processes and the cliches of our worldly minds. Well at first it was a little odd for me to believe in it but then after reading quiet a few lines of the results of this study, I was almost convinced that it is not unlikely that the reason of our plenty various different emotions and feelings can be described by the changes in only a few teensy drops of some chemicals in our crazy brain and that unconsciously compels you to act like you're in love or you want to sit across the street and watch people, or at the corner of your bed room and cry, or you want to fly with birds or whatever. That's all. I can say sometimes, being aware of all these crazy stuff going on in our minds can and do prevent much of the miseries, though it might also change the way you become so happy and excited about things you used to. It's just a matter of experience and knowledge. Damn, life can be tricky sometimes,... or most of the times!

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