Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Now envision yourself on top of a virtual overpass on the highway. The rush hour is encroaching and tons of virtual cars and motorcycles drive through the virtual diaphragm underneath your feet connecting you to the pavement. It's exactly like that, you watch the motor vehicles and let them pass until there is a red-hot metallic Rolls-Royce rushes by right into the virtual veil. You just can't ignore it, you keep watching it, tighten the veil, diaphragm has no zipper, diaphragm has no opening, it bends and swirls and struggles to get rid of your figment and gets fed-up for not being able to move on. The whole highway is jammed, accidents can happen, crashes, smoke, noise, honks, ti
res, and all of a sudden, you feel like there is this treacherous frenzy swarming up the veil and grasping your ankle and trying to pull you down under to the red rolls-royce. Now you're the chauffeur de rolls-royce strangled in your own delusional veil. Ample of vehicles right behind you waiting for you to unveil the whims and let go of the car. Look up, a little upper than that. There is you, sitting calm and eating cotton-candy looking at your self down the highway with all the mess behind. Look at yourself, how calm you are, how ignorant of all the whimsical cars flowing on the highway of your mind. The crash scene remains there for a while and gradually, you get exhausted and let go of all the happenings. There you are, watch yourself, how beautiful you are.

You know what, people marvel to look forward and have an objective to reach and get happy and be cheerful and jump up and down and say yes I did it. But is it all there is to being prosperous in life?
Say you got this goal in mind, and you got these little objectives in mind and then I plan for it and opt for it and follow it and shit and then you achieve it and then you're happy? I don't think so. There's got to be more in this routine, something apparently unfathomable that looks like a wisp vanishing in the trek of time right in front of your eyes. At a moment you feel it down inside and then bang! it's gone.

Once upon a time there was nothing in the world, and there is still nothing

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