Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is my 100th post in this weblog and I'm writing it on the 10,000th day of my life. everything was okay so far, I mean the life, I haven't had big troubles like so many people have, I'm not addicted to drugs like so many people are, I'm healthy, happy most of the times, and I do appreciate the time I'm living in not like so many people who are only looking at their past or futures. And for all of these I am thankful. But anyway, the day 10,000 was awesome, I had a great party with friends, we ate, drank, danced and had so much fun together. Today was kinda special and auspicious. You know what some people even can't get to see their 1000 days, I know a couple of them, my cousins .. some can's see their 10,000 days I know so many of them, esp from Iran. Almost all people celebrate the annual birth date called the birthday, they also have fun, cakes and dinners and dance and gifts but you know what's precious in life, I guess the vigilance of time passing right in front of your eyes and you're still trying to catch up with it and still have way to go... This is probably not the best way to make the best of your time. I guess we just need to let it go and look for an occasion to celebrate cas it's all about having a good time in this evanescent life. Be good and happy, and of course I wish that for myself too, hope everyone can reach that state of living ..
have beautiful days and nights ..
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