Friday, May 20, 2011

Desperate Cockroach

Alright, here we see three cockroaches on this picture I took a few nights ago coming out of the department heading back to home! It's clear that the two of them are making love, or having sex whatever you wanna call it based on your judgement! But what's the third one doing there?! Goofing around watching over the other two having a good time! weird. I spent about 15 minutes watching these guys. Crazy I am, hah? yeah I know but out of curiosity I looked at the third one, He was just wandering around the others sometimes watching them and very funny he sometimes tried to get in touch with the female cockroach! just FYI, the fattest cockroach in the middle of the picture is the female one. I wonder how long it does take for these creatures to get fully satisfied!! fifteen minutes I was there and who knows how long before and after it took them to finish it up, yeah I did not kill 'em of course. Well any way back to the third one, this guy was desperately trying to get a taste of the steady female cockroach, going toward her with a rear gear, slowly touching her body with his back bumper hoping for some luck while the other two were somewhere like in heaven I don't know for how long! once in a while the third guy mistakenly touched the male one and was like oh shit what's that stinky. After a while he was disappointed and went away, I didn't kill him either. Didn't want to make it the worst of a night for him. All and all it was interesting to me that what on earth this third guy was doing there!! Come on boy, go get yourself a good girl, I mean in terms of cockroaches, and have a life hah? what the heck is this awkward situation you are in? He went off, where I don't know! and these mating cockroaches, I kinda observed them very closely and they were not even scared! they did not move, the male's belly was kinda shivering but I'm not sure what was it! not even sure if these guys die like caterpillars after they mate, or if the male leaves the other one like cats and the rest is up to the female, or the female leaves her eggs like turtles, just wondering about this world of animals ...
But you know what?? the most funny part about this whole story is that seriously how long does it take for two cockroaches to put an end to the love making time!!
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