Friday, May 27, 2011


She's got something in her sub-conscience that makes him a perfect match. Don't know and don't wanna guess who's the man behind the scene but whoever he is, probably is gone now, and only a shadow of his trace on the obedient mind of the girl makes the new him like a sunshine. O please come back as soon as you can. But I'm wearing black my dear darling, can't be yours. Well you know what? It's all a self-deception when you t.h.i.n.k  you l.i.k.e someone and he's your whatever romantic hero. It was only the teens when you actually shaped your true traits, when you in fact wanted something or someone with a specific whatever. And you grow up and raise him up right there in the middle of your joker alley and finally you see someone and you name it the one. Damned it, how foolish it is... Sorry, I'm in red today. I know you've been raising it, tasting it, forming it and completing it the way you wanted it to be, but it's not him. It's not the real him, it's not the real you either. So please just let her be, let me be, let yourself breathe and stop living in your own virtual small beautiful world, or if you do, please assume that it's made for relaxation not fabricating the avatars of your life's mates...
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