Monday, February 28, 2011

Things change over time..

So there is this little cup of coffee and then comes a glass and then a mug and a ..., and you try to fill the fucking cup with coffee and it brakes half way, you try it again and it brakes half way. You can't even save the half-filled of it and it spills out... So that's when you never reach to the glass. It should have been cold when you try to fill it with a hot coffee but the point is that the cup is not for coffee at all. You find out that the cup is allergic. It's only gonna work with pure water, not any venomous liquid, and it ain't funny. Get the damned coffee away, either it's Italian, espresso, late, mocha, or any other sort of bloody coffee. You are not supposed to drink it. Mug may remain a dream, or may not, who knows ...
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