Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vomit 01

Once upon a time there was a fucking freaking geek who used to answer all the questions. The questions were hard enough to boggle your mind and simple enough to make you laugh; however, this so-called "smart" was rotten too, whose kinky behavior was showing off in very occasional situations, in which people were wasting themselves. Elsewhere, the very duplicity of the psyche posing the hypocrisy couldn't hide itself from specific people who knew who's the real asshole. Anyway, the freak grew up fooling the commonalities and stood up on major positions.
Well, I believe that a person whose hypocrisy's rolling 'em forward is indeed fooling themselves, hindering the real joy of being who they really are. You're a freak, you're a geek, you're simple folk, you're a what-the-hell-ever,... just be consistent. Be yourself. Be the real you please.
Coming to and ending, there is this conclusion that wherever we are, duplicity surrounds us and it's fucking always there, eats your brain and spoils your believes. So here we are, life sucks, sometimes less, sometimes more, anyway it fucking sucks.

P.S. this was a vomit I threw up just to evacuate the annoying thoughts. and hell yes, vomit stinks!
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