Friday, December 17, 2010

Lost goal keeper

Sorry but, any way,
I was sitting on the stairs of out house looking at the sky, and all of a sudden there was a bunch of birds flowing towards the entry gate of our house and I called my dad and he came and with my air rifle shot one of them in the sky, little devils. Then while they sat on the wires, I could see the blood of that specific bird leaking off its body. They flied away including that specific bird and I just grabbed the rifle and ran after it. I wanted it to be mine now, followed it to the neighbor's house, there was a short roof filled with hay and rice and the neighbor shouted it's there eating my rice. It was suddenly huge, more like a flying monkey, dad told my they are little satans, and I saw its ears pointed out to the black sky, found it's tail and it's injured body, it had a beak with which was picking the rice grains and swallowing them instantly, ruining life. It was a very long beak. The boy went over the roof and kicked it off down, fell over my feet and I picked her, the back of its neck. Like a stretching skin came over and it did not have any beak now. It had wild fangs and screamed like ants... I say sorry and got my way back home, it was very huge about three feet now lingering my fingers to the ground. It was totally strange to me at the time. the small bird flying over our house like my prey now was the real devil. Anyhow, I did not understand what happened if I reached home or not. But the devil monkey bird was a little satan as dad told me.

The picture is a painting by Rebecca Tacosa Gray
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