Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The devil wears Prada

It has been two or three weeks that I had reserved a link in my Facebook updates for "only me" to read it later: "Fashion is for poor people" and finally I got a chance to go over the article because it sounded very familiar to me so that I had saved it for a future good read. Alright then, well this guy who authored the note has a good sense of humor and I guess our interests are very much alike with respect to the thinking algorithms! take it from criticizing the people who follow the or as he says are "into" fashion and the way fashion industry manipulate people's minds on the way they think about their public characters. Overall, a good read I just wanted to say it. no judgement. Just being. Here is the link to the aforementioned impulse read to avoid impulse purchase. Funny it goes for like five minutes, don't miss.

p.s. the picture is a charcoal drawing by Davy
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