Friday, November 18, 2011

Vomit 05

Jump, or no try to jump, or no just think of a jump, a big jump you damn fucking asshole, never with a plan, never a strategy, always be the fucking leaf in the wind, be the fucking cow tamed by the superiors, fucking jerk of all the time. feel pity for you. you don't know and you don't understand that you don't know bloody idiot. yeah meet with people, meet them here and there, try to have the fucking meetings with no plan, and look around and goof through the pages of bullshit and scratch your fucking hair and clear your bloody throat. yeah look at me and say it, the same vintage famous phrase of yours. And never try to think, just fucking expect, okay? sometimes, you get fed up with the foolishness and the ignorance of the people who rule! exhausted with the damn routine daily fucking life of miserable people surrounding you and your freedom. damn it man, what a self-deceiving character you got back in there.. your life sucks, and it sucks baaaad.
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