Monday, January 11, 2010

Such a dance

Fuck it, I'm again wishing for a dance with the red fire. the one's inside. you damned time, you damned flash backward. what do you want from me? please keep this fire away I can't stand it any more, I can't have it here far away from the source. I just can't please understand this, I can't mix all those mistakes and yet still claim of love. I just can't do this one more time. there will be blood all over this fire, it burns please feel it inside, it's not my job again. all I  need is a warm hut for a tired shepherd. O Lord feel it and do not make me confess all the mistakes n all those sins I have made, it's neither for me nor for aurora to hear it. it will burn both down to death. please keep this fire away if you need me to live for a while and see something you want me to see.
O Lord forgive me for I have sinned a lot. for I have sinned as a human being for I have sinned a lot... forgive me please and keep this confession fever away...

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