Monday, September 16, 2013

Bio 60

A white woman with long braided hair, wearing glasses like a huge magnifier, reading a newspaper. Walks around and watches people walking around and showing a calm face: may I help you sir, good morning how can I help you today, hello can I help you.
A tall asian boy with short hair, also wearing glasses and Nike sneakers, yellow colored skin with a black backpack, walking in. Hello madam good morning, hi there how can I help you? ... Have a wonderful evening. 
And I, the third person. The observer of the events. Watching people walking around. In every man and woman's mind there is a world. There is an immense universe of ideas, thoughts, shapes and figures. And only a few of us sit and observe. And those who truly observe and think will never write it down. I know that I know nothing. It's my life though and I will try to adorn it with a bright view of my universe. 
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