Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, this is gonna be about the cat whose curiosity has been diminished in time and once he found there only has remained one string of his point catching nose hairs and it was today...
I was writing something, noticed the calibri typeface of the MS WORD is being the default font of the document! after two years of having this Vista on my notebook how come I just realized it today! went after it and found that the Times typeface with all those boring serifs is no longer the default font of MS Word! that was really amazing and I also found that I liked this Calibri font for  two years that I didn't even noticed that where it has come from..
back to the main point, it's a shame for a cat who loses his curiosity. I even remember very detailed probes of my very young ages into very unimportant cases in which I could know what's going on around me, and now it seems that involving into things. being obsessed with so-called important things and not to be like a naughty child is not that tasty for me at least. damn it Gishar. damn it, come on and put some string there to enjoy the being. good luck
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