Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bio 73

The little calf had just been born and after a few hours were on his feet. They are not humans to take several months to learn and practice standing on their feet for the first time! They are strong and can do it right away after they open their eyes to this not-so-fair world. Although, they still need the care of their mothers for some time until they can eat what their kind eats.
My little calf was born just fine but then a few weeks after, his mother died and he didn't have milk anymore. We had to feed him ourselves so he could gain strength and that was fine. Then he got sick and the vet said it's an acute illness which will be with him for years to come. There is this much monthly payment for his medicine. I never wanted him to die, so I said that's fine and got along with it. A few months passed and one day while he was playing joyfully in our backyard, he fell and broke his leg and was seriously in pain when I got to him.
Poor creature thought he was of no worth to me or anyone but he never knew how I thought of him all this time, how I took care of him, how I fed him when he was to young to feed himself, and how I adore him for what he is, for just his being there. I could see the rays of life pouring out of his big black eyes and the way he yearned to be just alive and enjoy the experience, no matter how sick he was or how worthless. He just wanted to be. So I hugged his tender neck and petted him and whispered in his ear that there is nothing he should worry about as long as I am around. I will take care of him and I will raise him and I will take him to see the world. There is nothing he should worry about. He should just be and look me in the eye with his big black pearl eyes.

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