Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nursery rhyme of another summer afternoon

All of a sudden I met a guy playing my favorite piano music in the pool hall. It's "La valse d'Amélie", one of the most soothing musics I've ever listened to. I came by and asked him this is very strange to me somebody know about this song in here, I thought you guys don't mind  about this genre of music and he said yes. when I asked can you play "Comptine d'un autre été l'après midi" as well, he amazingly said yes that's the only other one I know from that movie "Amelie" and he played that too. I did really enjoy it and it just.. made my day. his name was Jonathan, that reminded me of the book "Jonathan the seagull". I even told him about the book and yes, sometimes just a little piece of music makes you feel better.

Here is a link to "La valse d'Amélie
and a link to "Comptine d'un autre été l'après midi
the picture is a painting by Kazuya Akimoto named "serene circles"
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