Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The need

Your body reminds me of the summer noon,
The color of your eyes reminds me of rain,
When you're not here, living is like being imprisoned,
When you're not with me, it reminds me of the prison's bitterness,
You're great just like the moment rain starts,
You're the same blood flowing through my veins,
You're magnificent like red rose, tender like dream,
And I'm the one who will die without you,
You're like the temptation of catching a butterfly,
You're like the passion of sending a kite to the sky,
You're always full of excitements like a tale,
You're like the happiness to lullaby for a doll,
You are beautiful like the shapes clouds make in the sky,
Flowers get paled when they see you,
If the princes of the tales knew that you're here,
They would rush with unicorns for taking you ...

My need is to see you everyday,
To hear the "I love you" from you,

P.S. you don't guess how much it's exciting and enjoyable to translate a lyric into English for your international friend. you guess which song is this in persian. I used to love the songs of this singer ...
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