Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Come on jump, jump over it, jump higher, see the flames and see the light.
Hear the river and feel the wind, see the mountain and understand the meadow, i know it's dark outside but the fire is getting us warm. Okay, after me seven times say it "get my paleness and give me strength", great, this is the last one, say it higher. this seventh fire is the biggest one, it's made of the dried tea bushes, it gives you the greatest taste of tonight...
years passing by... I was thinking of tonight and I didn't have any idea how it would be, it was far away, it was sweet and it was so dreamy yet I couldn't imagine what I'm thinking now.
year passed and I'm thinking of how great each new year was for me. only this time kept me bright, it kept me delighted for living the damn life, and now it's a ..never mind! we are typically so predictable! we are always the same and it would be the same too. hope my family and friends are having enough fun without me. may I join them very soon
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