Sunday, November 15, 2009


You know what? sometimes it's really weird this way. being here as an stranger, doing ur works and all those bullshits n still having some feeling terrible deep down inside. this being here. just this being here sometimes gets dreadful. I'm serious, It sometimes drive me crazy. I was talking to one of my friends Amin, regarding the fact, if I, typically me, if I had no family, no friend no one that care for me, I probably get rid of this fucking life. it sometime nonesence. I tatsed it. fine! I'm done but again it comes to the people I know, not I love, but they love me! they mind n they care where I am, what i do, how I do... that's the only point of being alive sometime. God, lovely lord, I'm sorry for bein so rude oftenly, but this is the way it is. show me something to stand on it. attention plz. I said sometimes...
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